DR maintain the belief that if you are going to do a job, do it right. That is why they have designed a range of products for use in demanding everyday use.

DR Trimmer Mowers

The DR wheeled trimmer / mower will mow and clear through long thick grass and overgrown weeds quickly and easily. DR wheeled trimmers are much more powerful than handheld grass trimmers, and with the weight being supported by the large easy rolling wheels rather than your arms, back and neck, using the DR wheeled trimmer is much more comfortable.

Where traditional bladed lawnmowers clog and stall when cutting thick long grass due to not being able to discharge the cut grass quickly enough, there is no deck over the head of the DR trimmer mower meaning that clogging is not an issue. The heavy duty nylon cords used on the DR wheeled trimmers mean that you can mow in rough, rocky areas, around tree roots and in ditches – the places you wouldn’t take a bladed lawn mower without risking serious damage.

DR Field and Brush Mowers

Spend a few moments behind a DR Field & Brush Mower and you’ll understand why weeds and brush don’t stand a chance. Purpose built for off-lawn mowing, this powerful machine charges through tough saplings, six-foot tall field grass, dense growth and brush like nothing you’ve ever seen. Turn a neglected field into a beautiful meadow. Make walking trails through woodland. Clear underbrush from a wood-choked forest. The DR Field & Brush Mower goes where tractors and brush decks can’t, and costs a fraction of the price.

DR Chippers and Shredders

DR petrol powered chippers and chipper shredders enable you to keep on top of accumulating garden debris by transforming it into a useful wood chip or organic mulch. Our chipper shredders feature two separate chutes: one for branches to be chipped and one for lighter garden waste which gets shredded. The dedicated chippers are designed solely for chipping branches with the top of the range model capable of accepting woody material up to 5.75″ in diameter

Call into our shop at Dartington to view these products. On certain machines we can even arrange an on site demonstration for you.

Also check out our hire page. We carry a DR Field and Brushmower which can be rented from a single day, weekends or weeks at a time. Contact us for details.